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Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors of our Bank consists of six supervisors, of whom one is supervisor representing shareholders, namely Ms.Deng Lijuan, two are supervisors representing employees, namely Mr.Huang Tao and Mr.Wang Xuejun,and three external supervisor, namely Ms. Liu Hongxia , Mr. XU Xianglin and Mr. WangXixin .

Functions and Authorities and Operation of the Board of Supervisors

Main powers and duties of the Board of Supervisors shall include without limitation to the following:

• supervision of performance of the Board of Directors and senior management personnel, supervision and questioning of the duty of care of directors and senior management, and urging directors and senior management to correct their acts which impair the benefit of the Bank;

• proposal of dismissing or initiating litigation against the directors and senior management who breach laws, administrative regulations and rules and the Articles of Association or the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders;

• conducting audit on resigning directors and senior management personnel as necessary;

• formulation of compensation and allowance distribution plan for supervisors and submit the plan to the shareholders’ general meeting for approval;

• supervision of financial activities, business decision, risk management and internal control, and advice to internal auditing work;

• supervision of the implementation of development strategic plan, policies and general management system of county area banking business;

• submission of proposal to the General Meeting of Shareholders;

• nomination of supervisor representing shareholders, external supervisor and independent supervisor;

• formulation of amendment to by-laws of the Board of Supervisors;

• supervision of the compliance of the appointment, dismissal and reappointment of external auditing firms and the fairness of the terms of engagement and remunerations, as well as the independence and effectiveness of external audit;

• other functions as required by laws, administrative regulations and rules or those as authorized by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

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