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Corporate Online Banking Introduction

The Corporate Online Banking is a self-service online banking service system backed by network technologies to meet the diversified demands of corporate customers. The service includes the standard online banking version and the popularized online banking version. Online banking is designed to facilitate the customer's ability to strengthen financial management, reduce the time for routine operations, improve capital efficiency, cut operation costs, and increase the value of wealth.
The standard corporate online banking version provides corporate customers with online financial services including account management, collection, payment, group wealth management, cash management, salary distribution, investment and wealth management, self-service revolving loan, bill reservation, foreign currency business, and function and menu customization. The popularized corporate online banking version greatly lowers the threshold of online banking access: customers only need to register, and then have access to such services as inquiry on corporate account balances, account details and online transactions, and printing and verification of electronic receipts.

1. Comprehensive account management and enhanced fund security
Click to assign different functions and account authorities according to the responsibilities of financial management personnel and exercise flexible control of accounting process and amount of account changes to ensure compliance-based operation and funds security of corporate accounts.
2. Convenient collection and payment
Click to have quick access to agency collection and payment functions, deduct payables from personal accounts, and make wage and bonus payment to personal accounts.

3. Efficient group wealth management and timely settlement
Click to conduct efficient group wealth management, exercise coordinated financial management of branches by the headquarters, achieve real-time settlement on a nationwide basis, maximize the efficiency of capital operation, and minimize management costs.

4. Flexible lending and financing with greatly simplified process
Click to have access to self-service recycling loan, follow up on corporate loan transactions, estimate loan interest, acquire recycling loans, simplify the procedures of lending, and improve the efficiency of financing.

5. Diversified investment and wealth management products
Click to invest in corporate wealth management products and services, including the transfer of time deposit to demand deposit, demand deposit to time deposit and call deposit. We provide our customers with diversified investment objective and one-stop wealth management services to multiply the value of the corporate wealth.

6. Good customer experience and considerate service
Click to customize the regular functions and menus to experience customer-oriented operations. We have launched standard corporate online banking service with comprehensive functions and popularized corporate online banking service with basic inquiry functions to meet the diversified requirements of different enterprises. Our customers may register at local outlets for their choice of services in accordance with their needs.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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