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Counter Bond Transactions

In counter bond transactions, we offer 58 bonds for investors’ transaction pursuant to the types decided by the Ministry of Finance in the Treasury bond issuance plan. This business platform is the Treasury bond secondary custodian system developed by ABC, and all of the quotation, issuance, distribution, interest payment, trading suspension and trading resumption operations relating to counter Treasury bonds that are handled through this system. ABC, according to the principle of providing better service for investors, will update the selling and buying prices and quotas of Treasury bonds of different maturities daily, based on yield rates of the inter-bank bond market. Investors may buy or sell counter Treasury bonds at ABC outlets, or handle the counter Treasury bond transaction through the ABC online banking service. For non-trading business transaction types such as the custodian transfer, investors will need to handle transactions at the counter of our outlets pursuant to the prevailing conditions, in which ABC will charge a certain fee for transactions.
Given the great number of bond types and the huge data volume of the counter Treasury bond business, investors may consult ABC outlets or the ABC service hotline should they encounter any problems during the process of investment.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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