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ABC Endeavors to Provide Satisfactory Service for the Asian Games

The Guangzhou Asian Games attracted friends from across the world. Teams from 45 countries and regions, 10,156 athletes, 8,000 coaches, 10,000 media personnel and 5,000 volunteers had participated in the Games, and over 3 million visitors were received, making the Guangzhou event as the largest and highest-level gathering ever in the history of the Asian Games.
The Guangzhou Asian Games would serve as a platform to display the achievements of the city and even the country within the past three decades since the reform and opening-up.
In order to enhance the service quality and level, and provide more satisfactory  service, ABC Guangzhou Branch made adequate preparations and used the event as a beachhead for building up ABC's service brand.
Proper Arrangement
According to ABC Head Office's arrangement, Guangdong Branch included the financial service for the Asian Games into ABC's agenda. In February, at the Asian Games Service Coordinating Meeting, the Leading Team for Asian Games Service Activities was established, and the responsibilities of each member department were specified. On the basis, the Branch prepared detailed implementation plans for each stage to make sure smooth progress of the activities.
Before the opening ceremony for the great event, ABC held a meeting for the Asian Games financial service in Guangzhou. The meeting marked the commencement of ABC's participating in and serving the event in a high-standard and quality manner.
At the meeting, Mr. Yang Kun, Vice President of the Head Office, and other officials handed over flags for "Asian Games Youth Volunteer Service Team" to ten ABC branches located in the host city and surrounding city. So as to build up a brand-new image of the large listing bank in the hearts of both domestic and foreign guests, and open a new chapter for ABC's standardized service.
Improve Outlets' Environment
Guangdong Branch improved various service channels and created a favorable service environment. The Branch made a plan to improve the image of all outlets in the cities. As of the opening ceremony, over 70% outlets in the province had been reconstructed. After the renovation, the outlets divided special functional zones for consultation, self-help service, cash service, non-cash service and VIP service etc.
Set Service Standards
Guangdong Branch kept on standardizing polite service and building up ABC's service brand. By the end of June, the Branch's 1,687 outlets had finished service import. Guangdong Branch revealed their passions and genuine sincerity in contributing to the Guangzhou Asian Games with ever-improving service.