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Board of Directors

  The Board of Directors of the Bank consists of 14 directors, including 4 executive directors, namely Mr. Zhou Mubing, Mr. Wang Wei, Mr. Cai Dong, Ms. Zhang Keqiu, 5 non-executive directors, namely Mr. Xu Jiandong, Mr. Chen Jianbo, Mr. Liao Luming, Mr Li Qiyun, Mr. Li Wei, and 5 independent non-executive directors, namely Mr. Wen Tiejun, Mr. Francis YUEN Tin-fan, Ms. Xiao Xing, Mr. Wang Xinxin and Mr. Huang Zhenzhong.


  Main functions and authorities of the Board of Directors of our Bank shall include without limitation to the following:

  • convening the General Meeting of Shareholders and reporting to the General Meeting of Shareholders;

  • implementation of the resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders;

  • decision on development strategy ;

  • decision on business plan and investment plan;

  • decision on plan of risk-based capital allotment;

  • formulation of proposal of annual financial budgets and final accounts;

  • formulation of profit distribution and loss appropriation plan;

  • formulation of plan of increase or reduction of registered capital;

  • formulation of plan of issuance of corporate bonds and other securities and listing plan;

  • formulation of general internal management policies (including those for Sannong Banking Business), risk management and internal control policies, and supervision of the implementation of these rules and policies;

  • review and approval of general risk management report of senior management and evaluation of effectiveness of risk management and improvement thereof;

  • functions as required by the Articles of Association and authorized by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

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