Mobile Banking
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Mobile Banking Introduction

Mobile Banking is a kind of financial services where ABC provides customers with information inquiry, transfer and remittance, payment, credit card, roaming remittance, loans to farmer households, time-demand deposits transfer, third-party depository, customized message, account management, personal setting, etc. by making using of wireless networks and mobile phones. ABC launches two versions of Mobile Banking based on different user operation procedures and system interface displays: WAP Smooth Version and 3G Fashion Version. Although financial services provided by the two versions are the same, WAP Smooth Version is designed to enhance access speed, with concise text explanations and links, while 3G Fashion Version aims to boost application experience of users and features vivid pictures and fast dropdown lists and buttons. The strong financial service capacity of ABC Mobile Banking is well illustrated by comprehensive functions and personalized design.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.